While rapidly advancing in their careers, many executives feel lonely and find themselves lacking an independent sounding board and insightful thought partner who is experienced and capable of understanding them as well as the complexity of their work environment.

Are you looking to:

  • Transition successfully into a new, more demanding role with greater responsibilities? 

  • Enhance your personal impact with clients, peers or board members?

  • Manage challenges with greater decisiveness and effectiveness?

  • Lead resilient, high performing teams?

  • Assess your long term professional direction and identify immediate next steps for personal development?

Yda Bouvier and each of her network partners bring 20+ years of work experience in strategy, organisation and leadership development to help you reach your goals and ambition whilst maintaining a balance with your personal life that suits you.

All coaching engagements start with a no obligations ‘chemistry session’, either face-to-face in London or remotely via video conference or phone call. During this conversation we will discuss your objectives, our coaching approach and then suggest a tailored programme to suit your specific requirements and preferences.

A typical coaching programme consists of six two-hour coaching sessions typically over a nine month period. Often a selection of key stakeholder interviews is part of the programme to generate input for the coaching objectives.

In coaching we grow parts of our personality and untangle some others
to find a new balance that is fit for purpose
— Yda Bouvier