Yda Bouvier provides coaching for newly-formed or existing leadership teams with an ambition to achieve greater potential. Team coaching programmes are highly specific to team circumstances. At our firm, it always includes observing a team in action. This approach allows us to improve team dynamics in an efficient and effective manner – an attractive value proposition for both individuals and their organisations.

Team interventions would typically address topics such as:

  • Identifying shared ambitions, goals and action plans

  • Improving team dynamics including roles, processes, behaviours and mood

  • Realising individual and collective strengths

  • Engaging in constructive conflict for better decision making

Team coaching programmes are strictly tailor-made. We start with a diagnosis consisting of a discussion with the team leader and targeted discussions with all or selected team members. This diagnosis is the basis for a specific engagement proposal which can be adjusted along the way depending on the team’s progress.

Examples of team coaching programmes:
(i) Six monthly team observation sessions (2 hrs each) with telephone coaching support for all team members along the way
(ii) Two team workshops of a full day each over a period of 6 months, complemented with individual feedback for all team members and executive coaching for the CEO

Effective team development takes place predominantly ‘on the job’ while the team is working together, rather than as a separate team activity
— Yda Bouvier